Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We've had a busy couple of weeks celebrating Halloween and my 30th birthday! But sadly while we were having fun here on the west coast, our beloved New York City, my hometown in Connecticut and the beautiful Rhode Island beaches we grew up playing on were being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  I am still at a loss for words when I see videos and photos of the places that Dave, Elvis and I used to call home.  I wish there was more we could to help do but from so far away doesn't feel like enough.  We've donated to the Red Cross and Elvis wants to help all of the lost and homeless pets of Sandy so we've given to the ASPCA as well.  And for now I will continue to pray for everyone who lost their homes and businesses in the storm. 

But on a lighter note the reason for this post is to share some ridiculous photos of dogs wearing Halloween costumes. The French Bulldog meetup club we belong to had a Halloween costume meetup last weekend, cleverly named Frenchiween and of course, since I love Halloween so much, Elvis had to attend.  

Elvis dressed up as Justin Bieber in this purple dog hoodie we found at American Apparel.  He didn't seem to mind wearing the hoodie as its pretty soft inside...the wrist bands not so much.  

Here are a few photos of some of the other Frenchies.  There was a costume contest and the pumpkin patch won.  Maybe next year for Elvis!

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  1. So cute, Lauren! You're such a good dog mom to take Elvis to hang out with other Frenchies. :)