Sunday, October 14, 2012

A new desk chair

We needed a chair for the desk in our bedroom and searched all over the internet and at the usual furniture stores where we like to shop at but weren't finding anything that we liked or that fit our budget.  After several trips to thrift stores and visits to Craigslist and Hiipswap (which is a very cool site for those of you who haven't check it out) we still hadn't found the perfect chair.  One day while we were out for a drive in our new 'hood we found this store Wertz Brothers near our apartment on Santa Monica Boulevard that sells used and antique furniture.  The store had some really amazing pieces from full dining sets and huge wardrobes to an entire floor of single chairs!  I was in DIY heaven! 

After looking through rows and rows of different chairs we found on for a great price.  I did not like the wood or cushion colors as they were, I knew it would be perfect for the refinishing project I had in mind.  The chair itself had a good style and intricate pattern on the back.  The teal pleather seat-cover was awful but that's a very easy fix with some new fabric.  Even Elvis seemed a little freaked out by the color (or when I took the picture he was just nervous that he was up on a chair - something he's usually not allowed to do).

 Here is the chair before its makeover. 

I wanted the chair to match the colors in our bedroom, white and gray with yellow accents.  I refinished the chair, following these steps. 

1. Dave removed the screws holding the teal cushion on the chair.  Then with fine gauge sandpaper I sanded the entire chair before painting it. 

2. I used a soft foam brush to paint the entire chair with a white primer and let it dry overnight.  

3.  Then I look a can of white latex paint and painted over the primer.

4.  Using a cute white and yellow damask print fabric I bought on and a staple gun, I covered the teal pleather up, hopefully never to be seen again.

Here is the finished project.  Having a fresh chair is definitely going to make all those late nights of studying much more enjoyable!

Definitely a huge improvement from the after.

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  1. Love it! It reminds me of one that used to be in our old apartment. :) Oh to Farmington Avenue days! Hope all is well! Looks great!